VBN Paving - Health & Safety 

Employee Orientation Booklet

The Employee Orientation Booklet contains valuable information for all employees of VBN Paving.

You will learn about:

      • Company Background
      • Worker Rights & Worker Responsibilities
      • Personal Protective Equipment
      • Safety Data Sheets
      • First Aid kits and Fire Extinguishers
      • Emergency Contacts
      • Who is on the Joint Health and Safety Committee
      • Who are Health and Safety Representatives
      • What to do in the Event of a (non)emergency injury
      • Incident Reporting Procedures
      • Critical Injuries and Site Preservation
      • Our Zero Tolerance for Drug and Alcohol Policy
      • The Fit for Work Procedure
      • Zero Tolerance with Respect to our Violence and Harassment Policy
      • Critical Tasks

Employee Orientation Handbook

WHMIS 2015

Basics of Asbestos

Basics of Hearing Protection - Workers

Violence in the Workplace: Awareness

Distracted Driving

Traffic Control Persons

TCP Handbook

Basics of Fire Extinguishers

Worker Health & Safety Awareness

 When you have completed your Employee Orientation Booklet and the courses above please follow the links below to complete your final evaluations 

Please select the link for your final evaluation:

1. Employee Orientation Quiz

2, Worker Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps Quiz

3. Traffic Control Persons  Quiz

4. Violence in the Workplace  Quiz

5. Distracted Driving Quiz 

6. Basic of Hearing Protection for Workers Quiz

7. Basics of Fire Extinguishers  Quiz

8. Basics of Asbestos Quiz

9. WHMIS 2015 Quiz

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